Tesla Installed the Largest PowerPack System in Japan in Two Days

Tesla specialists have managed to build a huge backup power system in Land of the Rising Sun in record time – just two days. This time, the company implemented its solution at Osaka Railway Station in Japan. The PowerPack system will be used both to reduce peak loads on the grid and to provide backup power to the station. This project was implemented together with one of the largest railway operators in the country – Kintetsu.

As it was written in Tesla, this storage has 42 blocks, the total capacity of which is 7 MW/h. If there is an emergency power outage, the storage from Tesla will be able to provide uninterrupted power to the railway station for half an hour, this time should be enough for the train with passengers to safely reach the next station.

It is worth noting that in this region there is the largest congestion of railway transport in the country. Every day trains transport millions of passengers and power outages is inadmissible, even for a few minutes. The system of energy storage from Tesla should solve this problem.

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