Tesla Increases Prices at Electromobiles and Won’t Close Most of the Stores Yet

Recently Tesla announced that they would be winding down many of their stores and moving to online-only sales. But later the company representatives have refuted the statement. They also added that they would close only a half of the announced amount.

The electromobiles manufacturing factory is going to raise its prices by 3%  worldwide. This is a necessary measure to keep company’s income. There will be no price increase to the most inexpensive auto – Model 3, which costs $35 000.

According to the company they have already closed 10% of sales locations due to unjustified expenses and are going to close 20% more. A few that were closed but have advantageous location will be reopened but with a smaller crew. Depending on the effectiveness of opened stores over the next few months, some will be closed and some will remain open.

Tesla will increase prices in a week. If you were planning to purchase a new Tesla, you still have time to do it at old prices. You can still buy a car online and a consultant at a store will show you how to order it on your phone.

Cars will still be available for test drives at stores at the potential Tesla owner’s request.

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