Telegram Collected Pre-ICO Orders of $ 3,8 Billion

According to the newspaper Vedomosti, the collection of orders on pre-ICO of  blockchain platform messenger Telegram has finished. The amount of investments developers planned to attract during the pre-ICO was $ 500 million. Later some media reported that the investment cap was increased up to $ 850 million.

However, the total amount of investments collected was published thanks to the sources of the newspaper Vedomosti  – $ 3,8 billion, that actually exceeds the minimum amount of investments that founders planned to collect during the whole ICO – $ 3 to 5 billion. The Coin Shark has already mentioned that, according to the experts, Telegram ICO is the largest current initial coin offering.  

Pre-ICO payments confirmed by Telegram representatives must be made before February, 1st. The minimum investment, according to different media, is $10-20 million. It is also an information that the minimum investment is calculated upon a mutual agreement of the parties.

Besides the information appeared that Telegram started refusing some investors because of such enormous popularity that the ICO of this blockchain project has been gaining.


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