Teenage Terrorists from Florida Planned an Attack on a Private School Using the Dark Web

Two minors, 17-year-old Grand Shirley and 15-year old Matthew Guey were arrested and accused on attempting an attack on the campus of The Bolles School, a private educational establishment in Jacksonville, Florida.

Source: news5jax.com

The boys have allegedly searched the Dark Web (the scariest part of the Internet where you can purchase illegal goods and services, like firearms or drugs) in order to find out how to make a bomb.

The most horrible thing is that the napalm bomb the two teenage delinquents planned to make not only caused massive destruction, the particles of this weapon could stick to the skin of victims while burning.

The only reason why the school remained intact is the big fight that happened between Matthew and Grant. Afterwards, the teenagers were taken to the hospital, and the school began an investigation of the incident.

This is how the school management discovered disturbing conversations between Grant and Matthew, regarding their plans to detonate a bomb at the school premises.

The police was involved, they discovered that the boys were looking through the Dark Web to find the ways to purchase or construct a napalm bomb, a widely used weapon in the times of the Vietnam War.

Both boys have been expelled from school and arrested as juveniles. It is still unclear whether they will be prosecuted as juveniles or as adults.

Unfortunately, the Dark Web has recently become a powerful resource of sponsoring criminals and terrorists with ideas and supplies for their horrible intentions. Hopefully, the cyber security experts will find a way to restrict access to this dark side of the Internet.

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