Taiwan Air Company Started Selling Tickets for BTC

FAT Taiwan Inc, a passenger air carrier in East and South-East Asia, recently announced that tickets for 20,000 different flights operated by the company can be purchased for bitcoins from now on. FAT Taiwan Inc became the first air carrier in the country to take such a serious step.

According to the director of the company Zhang Gangwei, the management sees “a bright future” in cryptocurrency, based on the fact that virtual coins have become “an important instrument for the implementation of transactions last year”.

Ganwei said:

“The widespread use of cryptocurrency in various scenarios will usher in a new future for the airline business, lodging industry, OTA and the entire tourism sector. FAT is about to be the No.1 in the industry to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain technology”.

Of course, FAT Taiwan Inc is not a pioneer in the matter of buying air tickets for cryptocurrency within the global scale. The first such company is AirBaltic, which began accepting bitcoins as payment for air transportation back in 2014. It was followed by a number of other airlines. Nevertheless, FAT Taiwan Inc became the first company to introduce cryptocurrency into the aviation industry withing Taiwan.

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