T-Mall Auction from Alibaba Uses Blockchain to Track the Goods

E-commerce platform T-Mall from Alibaba introduces blockchain technology into its chain of cross-border supply through partnership with the logistics company Cainiao.

According to the information received yesterday, on the 28th of February, from the China News Agency, Xinhua, the partnership is carried out to transfer information about the goods for import / export to the chain of blocks in the network, using which you can later track the country of the manufacturer, the port of dispatch and the method of delivery, the port of arrival and data customs report.

This solution enables Chinese consumers from different cities where Cainiao operates to track logistics information on more than 30,000 products from 50 countries with the help of blockchain and a mobile e-commerce application.

The partnership of Alibaba with Cainiao is also designed to increase consumer confidence in the fight against counterfeit products.

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