SpaceX’s Prototype Starship Caught Fire During Ground Tests

SpaceX's Prototype Starship Caught Fire During Ground Tests

The prototype of the new version of the SpaceX rocket caught fire during ground tests in Boca Chica, Texas. The fire occurred in the fourth minute of the tests, and the entire rocket was engulfed in fires for a few seconds. The fire was quickly stopped, but this incident may postpone the first flight of the rocket for an indefinite period.

The test model of the new generation ship, Starship, which according to  Elon Musk`s plans should deliver humanity to Mars, has caught fire. Recall that there are two teams of engineers are working on the creation of this spacecraft in SpaceX: one at Cape Canaveral, in Florida, and the other in Boca Chica, Texas. This internal competition usually speeds up the development process.

Engineers at Boca Chica were working to demonstrate the capabilities of the new powerful Raptor engine, but during the tests something went wrong.

SpaceX has not yet commented on this incident and does not confirm that it was an accident, but according to local citizens, it is no longer planned to close the roads around the company’s site this week. This may mean that the tests of the spacecraft are still paused. Although, we note that the ship got minimal damage.

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SpaceX Aims to Provide Commercial Launches of Starship by 2021

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