SpaceX Finally Reveals The Reason of The Explosion of a Spacecraft in April

SpaceX Finally Reveals The Reason of The Explosion of a Spacecraft in April

Representatives of the private company SpaceX finally declared why their spacecraft exploded during testing in April. The fact is that part of the fuel accidentally got into the leaky valve, which caused a chain reaction, as a result, the ship exploded. After a long internal investigation, the company’s specialists finally know the reason, which means that they will replace these parts in all their future and existing ships.

The exploded spacecraft was a test version of Crew Dragon, which is being built to deliver NASA astronauts to the ISS and back. This model of a ship without a crew was previously successfully launched into space, but later, during ground tests, the capsule exploded into several parts. Because of this, the Crew Dragon manned launch has been postponed from 2019 to an indefinite term.

NASA spokeswoman Kathy Lueders said the following:

“We had the ability to find an issue with the hardware and be able to find the hardware and be able to assess the hardware, so it was a huge gift for us”.

In SpaceX, they will replace all non-hermetic parts, but it is not yet clear when Crew Dragon will fly again. It is highly unlikely that this will happen in 2019, most likely the astronauts will have to wait at least until the beginning of next year.

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Spacecraft Dragon Launch to ISS is Delayed to the Last Day of April

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