SpaceX Aims to Provide Commercial Launches of Starship by 2021

The company SpaceX is just starting to launch new Falcon Heavy missions and is already actively working on the next stage – the launch of Starship. The company believes that it will be able to start using Starship for commercial purposes by 2021.

This was announced by Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of commercial sales for SpaceX, speaking at a conference in Indonesia. As it became known, SpaceX representatives are already negotiating with three different telecommunications companies on the first Starship mission.

Starship, formerly known as “BFR” or “Big Falcon Rocket”, is currently under development. Work on the design of the new generation of spacecraft is being carried out at once in two separate SpaceX objects: one in Texas and the other in Florida. This engineering rivalry within the company is done for the purpose of additional motivation.

Starship will significantly surpass the existing flagship of the company – Falcon Heavy in technical and lifting characteristics. In SpaceX, they say that their invention will be able to deliver more than 100 tons of payload to the near-earth orbit and up to 20 tons to the geostationary orbit. That Starship will be used in the colonization of Mars.

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