Scientists Developed a Device that Allows Solar Batteries to Produce Electricity from Snow

The problem of efficient use of solar panels in different regions is that they do not work in snowfall since the surface of the panels must be constantly open.

To resolve this issue, a team from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has developed a new device that can harvest electricity from the snow.

A “triboelectric nanogenerator”, or Snow TENG, generates a charge due to the triboelectric effect, that is, electricity arises during the friction of charged particles.


For the development of the device, the research team used 3D printing. According to the development team, the construction of the triboelectric nanogenerator is not expensive, since it consists mainly of silicone.

The problem with the use of Snow TENG is only in low electricity performance, its power density is 0.2 mW/m2. Therefore, at the moment, the connection to such a source of electricity is considered impractical, but it may be necessary to power the weather sensors.

Thus, the full use of Snow TENG is still questionable.

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