Samsung Starts Producing Chips For ASIC-miners

South Korean behemoth Samsung started producing their own  ASIC-chips for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mining.

High-tech elements producer finished the development of their own ASIC-chip last year.This month they have launched high-volume output of the chip.

CNN reports with reference to local media about ASIC-chips’s shipments to a chinese company,majoring in the production of the Bitcoin mining equipment. The company’s target market is China.However, it is also planning to enter other asian markets in the future.

“We are in the middle of a foundry business that is being supplied to a virtual money mining company in China,” a Samsung spokesperson confirmed to a Seoul-based media outlet, adding that the company was unsure how profitable the venture would prove to be.

For now taiwan company TSMC is the only important competitor for Samsung, among other semiconductor producers. This company cooperates with Bitcoin mining equipment producer – Bitmain. According to DigiTimes report,  90% of TSMC capacities are used for producing chips for Bitmain during an off-peak season.

There are reports saying that in the coming months Samsung is planning to produce GPU-miners for some other altcoins.

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