Samsung Prepares Galaxy Fold for September Release

Samsung Prepares Galaxy Fold for September Release

Samsung is finally ready to release its Galaxy Fold smartphone to the mass market this September. Recall that the device was presented in the spring and then the company assured that in the “coming weeks” the device will appear on the shelves.

The company promised a total paradigm shift in the use of smartphones, but soon after the release, a curious thing happened – the phones that were provided to the reviewers began to break down. Several samples given for the review were returned to the company with screen defects.

Initially, the company blamed the reviewers, but in the end, it became obvious that the device has defects and that the Galaxy Fold is not yet ready for a mass market. Now, already more than three months after the official release of the product, Samsung has pleased us with a specific deadline – September (we hope that this is about the year 2019). Of course, there is no specific date yet, but at least it is better than the “coming weeks” that have been written for several months.

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