Richard Hilton Will Sell a $38 Million Mansion on a Bitcoin Auction

hilton blockchain

The father of Paris Hilton is known no less than his eccentric daughter.. According to the statistics, the estimated earnings of Richard Hilton are about $300 million. Hilton decided not to disrupt the family tradition. A grandson of the founder of the well-known Hilton hotels is now a successful businessman and a high-end real estate agent.

One of the upcoming deals for Hilton will be the auction for a 16-century residence in Rome, Italy. The Palazzetto mansion has three kitchens, fifteen bathrooms, eleven bedrooms, a sauna, a gym, a home cinema and many other expensive items.

The landowners reached out to the company of Richard Hilton to help them sell it. However, this will not be an ordinary auction. Not only dollars, but also Bitcoins will be accepted as payment. To make it possible, Hilton decided to cooperate with a platform Propy, powered by the blockchain technology, which specializes in real estate.

The businessman stated the following:

The auction shows real estate’s growing trust in blockchain and provides crypto investors an opportunity to diversify and solidify their portfolio with a trophy asset.

This was not the first Hilton’s experience of conducting deals on blockchain. Back in May of this year he was invited as an advisor for the project AQUA Intelligence.

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