Research Showed How Augmented Reality Affects People’s Behavior

According to new research conducted by experts from the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University, the simulated experience of augmented reality (AR) has a direct impact on human behavior in the real world, even after disconnecting from the headset. The report states:

“We’ve discovered that using augmented reality technology can change where you walk, how you turn your head, how well you do on tasks, and how you connect socially with other physical people in the room.”

The experiment, which took place in three stages, was attended by 218 people. Participants got into different situations while being in augmented reality.


According to one of the researchers, additional experiments will be needed for final conclusions on this issue.

“This paper scratches the surface of the social-psychological costs and benefits of AR use, but much research is needed to understand the effects of this technology as it scales.”

Despite the fact that there is still a huge amount of work ahead, the team has a positive attitude towards this technology.

“AR could help the climate change crisis by allowing realistic virtual meetings, which would avoid the need for gas to commute or flying to meetings in person,” Bailenson said. “And this research can help bring attention to the possible social consequences of AR use at a large scale, so the technology can be designed to avoid these issues before becoming ubiquitous.”

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