Remote Surgery Was Performed Using a Robot for the First Time In China

Remote Surgery Was Performed Using a Robot for the First Time In China

Doctors in a Beijing hospital successfully performed a remote operation on a patient using robotics at a distance of more than 136 km. Data on the progress of the operation was transmitted to doctors using 5G wireless technology.

Orthopedic surgery was performed on a 36-year-old patient in Tianjin City and lasted about four hours. Interestingly, a few days before, the researchers successfully performed a test operation on a bone model using the same work. The training operation went much faster – within 20 minutes.

The surgery was done using a 5G Internet connection, it was performed at the First Central Hospital in Tianjin City and transmitted via live broadcast to a team of experts at Beijing Jishuytan Hospital.

“5G technology guarantees the clarity and continuity of transmitted videos and photos, as well as the stability, reliability and safety of the operation. With the network, we can perform surgery regardless of the distance” – Jiang Wenxue, head of orthopedics at Tianjin First Central Hospital said.

At the end of 2017, HB reported that in China, a robot dentist successfully implanted two 3D-printed teeth on a patient. Although the robot performed the operation on its own, it still needed people to function correctly. By the beginning of the operation, the medical staff set up the work, including programming the movements of the device, determining the angle and depth necessary for the correct implantation of the teeth.

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