Programming Language for Creating Blockchain Projects: How to Make Money on This Technology?

blockchain language

The technology of blockchain has great prospects for the mankind. Many analysts believe that this technology will open its entire potential only in the next decade. Therefore, it is not too late to learn a new profession or re-qualify if you are already a programmer. In this article we will find out what a programmer should do and how much he can earn.

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  1. What are blockchain projects created on?
  2. Who is a blockchain programmer?
  3. How and how much can you earn as a blockchain technology programmer?
  4. Conclusion

1. What are blockchain projects created on?

To begin with, you need to decide what product you are going to develop. The point is that if we talk about writing smart contracts on any platform, not necessarily Ethereum, then being a programmer and knowing a programming language is not obligatory. In order to develop a smart contract, it is enough to be able to use search engines and have a certain amount of patience. But knowledge and experience in working with JavaScript or Python clearly will not do any harm.

Smart contracts were created as an instrument that should be accessible to a wide audience. At this point in time, the only obstacle to developing your own smart contract is the lack of quality training materials. This is absolutely normal, given the fact that the technology is still too young. Before you create your smart contract, you should carefully read the Whitepaper of the platform which you are going to work on.

However, if we are talking about the creation of our own decentralized network, then you will need quite a lot of knowledge in coding in this case. One of the most frequently asked questions on this topic is which programming language should be chosen for blockchain. Frankly speaking, P2P networks can be written in different programming languages, but as a rule, GO, C, C ++ and Java are used. Also, you will need extensive knowledge of the principles of HTTP requests in order to write a full-fledged decentralized application, since direct access to blockchain is carried out with their help.

2. Who is a blockchain programmer?

The industry is still too young, so there is a great shortage of skilled workers. At this point in time, there are three main types of specialties in the field of blockchain-programming:

  • A blockchain engineer. The basic requirements for the candidate include experience in such languages ​​as C, C ++ or Java, understanding the construction and implementation of certain algorithms on complex architectures. If you draw a parallel with low-level development, then such a specialty can be compared to working with a clean Linux kernel.
  • A developer. He/she must be able to develop client applications that use chain algorithms to protect confidential data.
  • A developer of smart contract applications. Applicants for this vacancy are expected to have good knowledge and experience in JavaScript and Python.

What programming language is used most for blockchain? This is certainly C and C ++, but it should be noted that experienced programmers can write a blockchain-application using  any other language. In order to succeed in this industry, it is crucial to understand the principles of the algorithms and parameters that directly affect the distribution of information in blocks. A programming language is just an instrument.

3. How and how much can you earn as a blockchain technology programmer?

As statistics show, the average European programmer’s salary is $1500 – $2000 per month. There may be less or more, the final amount depends on many factors, such as: company level, project complexity, work experience, etc. The average salary of blockchain programmers, for example, in the CIS is $4000 – $5000 per month. We also need to understand that this is much less than what US or European colleagues get, and if you have the appropriate experience and knowledge, you will be able to work for a foreign company without difficulties.

These days good specialists in this field can easily find a decent job in any company. At this point in time, large financial enterprises are experiencing a deficit in such personnel, so they closely monitor the safe storage of data. Many banking branches have already begun active implementation of the blockchain technology in their products.

4. Conclusion

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has raised attention of the public to the technology of blockchain. Tens of thousands of transactions (Bitcoin transactions) are recorded every day and stored inside the blockchain of this coin.

It should be noted that the scope of this technology is much more extensive than just a payment network. At this point in time, blockchain is being actively introduced in completely different spheres of life (from medicine to copyright protection). That is why the discrepancy between the demand and the supply of qualified personnel has already formed in the labor market. In order to become a programmer, it is necessary to understand how the algorithms of the information transfer from block to the block are based. A good advantage is the experience in such languages as C / C++ JavaScript.

The blockchain technology will soon open its full potential and there will be a huge number of new jobs in this area. By the way, even now blockchain programmers have much higher wages than ordinary web developers.

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