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The brainchild of Steve Jobs pleases us with its innovations every year. In 2018, the company renewed almost all the series of its devices. Of course, not all of them have received major changes, some have received a minor upgrade. It’s not even three months since the 2019th year began, but many analysts and even ordinary users are wondering what surprises Tim Cook and his team has prepared for us. So, in this article, we will talk in detail about which new products are worth waiting for this year, and which, most likely, not.

The calendar of possible events for Apple in 2019

  1. New products, which are already represented in 2019
  2. March 25, 2019: spring presentation;
  3. The beginning of June 2019: WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference);
  4. Mid-September 2019: the company’s main autumn presentation;
  5. October 2019: presentation of the new MacBook and iPad;
  6. What other news should we expect from Apple this year?

1. New products, which are already represented in 2019

Literally the other day Apple presented several new gadgets that many users expected to see at the upcoming spring event. The company did it right on its website, without carrying out any special activities. They represented:

  • iPad mini;
  • iPad Air;
  • iMac 21.5 inches and iMac 27 inches;
  • AirPods second generation.

The small iPad got a new A12 Bionic processor and an updated display with support for TrueTone technology. iPad Air, in addition to the above innovations, learned to recognize the Apple Pencil.

The new iMac has got a new Intel Core processor of the eighth and ninth generations, and its display has become much brighter (it can perform up to 1 billion colors).

The first version of AirPods was shown at the presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus back in 2016. These headphones have created a real sensation among consumers. It is worth noting that AirPods were bought even by people who did not have any other Apple devices. The fact is that at that time, the competitors did not have similar universal headphones. Renewed AirPods wireless headphones have received minimal changes:

  • the new case supports wireless charging (by the way, it can be purchased separately);
  • the ability to call Siri using the voice command Hey Siri;
  • The new H1 processor, which has lower power consumption than the previous W1.
Source: Apple

2. March 25, 2019: spring presentation

If we turn to history, the company has already held similar events five times. Over the past eight years, the dates of spring presentations have been constantly changing. During this time the company surprised us with the following gadgets:

  • Apple TV;
  • several new iPads, including a 9.7-inch iPad Pro;
  • budget iPhone SE;
  • MacBook 12;
  • Apple Watch.

We recently wrote about what they can represent at the upcoming presentation, but now let’s discuss this issue in more detail. If you follow the Apple news, then you probably know that last year a lot of criticism fell on the company because of its pricing policy with respect to the new iPhone. Based on this, many analysts suggest that Apple may show a renewed iPhone SE at the upcoming presentation. What this smartphone will be like, no one knows for sure, the only thing that can be no doubt is that it will be positioned as a budget device.

It is also worth to remember that in the past two years (in the spring) the company has been releasing iPhone Product Red. There is a probability that Apple will also surprise us with red iPhones XS and iPhone XS Max this year.

Rumors are about that at the upcoming event the company will release the product that should have appeared on the Apple Store for a long time – this is the wireless charging docking station AirPower. Recall that this accessory was first shown in the fall of 2017, at the presentation of the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, but the company has not started its implementation so far.

They say that Apple will show a fundamentally new full-size headphone with lots of different functions this year. They will also easily and quickly synchronize with all Apple gadgets. One of the main shticks of these headphones will be “smart” active noise cancellation system.

It is most likely, that the company will show its new streaming services (news and video content) at the upcoming event.

3. The beginning of June 2019: WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference)

Since 1983, every year in the first month of summer Apple carries its own conference for software developers. Traditionally, at these events, the company only shows software updates. It is expected that this year, updated versions of operating systems will be presented at WWDC 2019:

  • iOS 13;
  • macOS 10.15 (the name is not yet known, Apple likes to give names to its new operating systems in honor of popular nature reserves);
  • watchOS 6;
  • tvOS 13.

Recall that in the previous year, the company’s specialists had done tremendous work on the bugs, as a result of which the working capacity of all operating systems improved significantly, especially in iOS. It is believed that in 2019, Apple should surprise its fans with a fresh interface of its OS.

4. Mid-September 2019: the company’s main autumn presentation

Of course, the most important event of the year for Apple is the September presentation. At this event, the company should show its most important products: the new iPhone and Apple Watch 5. Also on this day, the company’s specialists should announce the final release of the operating systems presented in the summer.

Now there is still no information as to exactly how many new smartphone models the company will represent, as well as how they will be called. Some analysts believe that Apple’s new iPhone engineers are planning to cut the framework, as well as reduce the “monobrow”.

One of the main features of the older iPhone model can become a triple main camera module. This innovation will significantly improve the quality of images, especially in low light conditions.

To sum up, as of the end of March, there is quite a bit of information about the new iPhone on the Internet. And the one that exists, is nothing more than speculation or rumor. As a rule, fresh leaks begin to appear in the network at the beginning of summer and by the day of presentation almost all the characteristics of new gadgets become known to a wide audience.

As for the Apple Watch, this fall we can see a new generation of smart watches from Apple. Most likely they will be called – Series 5. According to unconfirmed rumors, the new Apple Watch model can get a camera. This will allow you to use this gadget to make not only audio but also video calls without the help of the iPhone. Also, a new generation of smart watches can be equipped with a Face ID fingerprint sensor, but its probability is extremely small.

5. October 2019: presentation of the new MacBook and iPad

During 8 years since Tim Cook takes the post of CEO of the company, he has carried the October events already 6 times. Overall these years, the company has shown many new products at these presentations: iPhone 4s, iPad mini, iPad Air,  iPad 4, iMac 5K, MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and in 2018 updated iPad Pro, Mac mini and MacBook Air.

This year, the company may upgrade iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. As for the latter, they are likely to receive a minor upgrade (new processors, RAM, and new drives).

6. What other news should we expect from Apple this year?

It is worth noting that the previous year was quite productive for the company. Apple engineers pretty much tried and updated almost all of their products.

But there are still gadgets, which Apple has forgotten:

  • budget iPhone SE;
  • MacBook 12;
  • iPod touch music player;
  • wireless charging AirPower.

Who knows, maybe this year the company will update the above products. We will closely monitor developments and report to you only the latest and relevant information.

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