PewDiePie Lost to T-Series in a Battle for the Title of Top Channel on YouTube

On May 29, 2019, T-Series became the first YouTube channel to pass 100 million subscribers. This is evidenced by a message published on the record holder channel.

T-Series, who posts Indian video content, has achieved the best results in the battle against PewDiePie for the title of YouTube’s top channel.

At the beginning of spring, competing channels had 90 million subscribers each, while during the last 6 years PewDiePie has positioned itself as a leader.

Swedish YouTube star has released a music video called “Congratulations”, through which he announced his defeat. Currently, this channel has about 96 million subscribers.

The leadership of the T-Series has caused a lot of controversy in the community, with some considering it a sign of YouTube’s supposed transition from independent creators to corporate brands.

Previously, PewDiePie insisted on his indifferent attitude towards a competitor, considering that his fans would be enough for further dominance. Among his support was the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk.

But, despite all the efforts, PewDiePie could not beat T-Series, which weekly attracts 1 million unique subscribers. After the release of this news, in a day the audience of the record holder grew by more than 100 million and the channel has now 100,131,040 subscribers. And this is only at this channel (26 channels in total).

“Reaching 100 million subscribers is a big coup for T-Series and other major players in digital media,” Denis Crushell, a managing director at video analytics platform Tubular Labs, told The Independent. “We’re starting to understand the volume of viewership YouTube can deliver… Media companies will try to replicate this, but we have to put into context PewDiePie’s performance in the last six months – 3.9 billion views demonstrate that influencers and personalities will continue to succeed alongside media content.”

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