The Friend UP – Personal Virtual Cloud Computers for Everyone

What is The Friend UP?

The Friend Unifying Platform (FriendUP) is a new decentralized infrastructure and service network that allows developers to deploy applications to users worldwide. Additionally, it offers a full desktop environment and mobile interface for running multiple applications and using cloud storage and network devices. It was created to allow developers to deploy on open source, user owned infrastructure and break out of technology silos.

FriendUP runs on Friend Servers, software that can be downloaded and installed to form the Friend Network. Each user who is running such servers are rewarded with FRND, Friend’s own ERC20 compatible Ethereum based token. Inside this network, there is a marketplace – the Friend Store. Here, users can trade, using FRND, in services and applications.

Friend has been in development for over 4 years and has already released two major versions for centralized infrastructure. Because of its history with commercial customers, the Friend team decided to also support fiat currency in the store through exchanges. This allows both crypto and non-crypto customers to participate in the market.

What tasks does Friend solve?

Friend has been created to provide people with personal Virtual Cloud Computers, which are special machines, powered by potentially millions of servers, which can give users a great computing involvement on the decentralized network. Unlike AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other wonderful creations of engineering, they do not belong to any corporation, are not restricted by licensed firmware or any commercial contracts. They generate an absolutely free and accessible service, which operates on all devices. Friend is an ecosystem of servers and clients. Servers provide customers with storage space, computing capacity, redundancy and different kinds of digital services. FriendUP gives users a Virtual Cloud Computer and a virtual data center with pretty much unlimited resources. This data center can be used for anything from running a website to offering a server backed API or advancing a multiplayer game server network. The Friend Network will technologically enable developers to create productive and completely capable systems and operate them together.

Friend’s TGE

The TGE starts at 09.00 CET on the 16th of April 2018 and ends at 15.00 CET, on the 16th of May 2018. The minimal amount that has to be spent on tokens is 0.1 ETH. 1 ETH equals 20 000 FRND tokens. The soft cap is 25000 ETH and the hard cap is 75583.3 ETH.  The maximum amount of tokens created during TGE is 2 000 000 000. Tokens will be transferable 30 days after the end of the TGE. Join the pre-sale, which is live now, to receive an additional 20% of tokens (1 ETH during pre-sale = 24 000 FRND).

Join The Friend UP via the link:


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