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Oxford University Is Planning to Create the First Blockchain University | The Coin Shark

Oxford University Is Planning to Create the First Blockchain University

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Professors from Oxford expect the EU’s assistance to implement the idea of ​​the world’s first university on blockchain.

The Woolf University startup, led by Dr. Joshua Broggi, from the Oxford Philosophy Department, wants to adapt the current Oxbridge training course individually for each student.

Everybody willing will be able to engage in the course, since the project will not be located in one place geographically.

The Whitepaper of the Woolf University contains ways to solve the main problems that concern students from around the world: bureaucracy, sky-high fees for study, and also corruption. According to the creators, the technology of blockchain will come to the rescue to exclude the possibility of falsification of exams. Also, the system will record course attendance.

At the moment, the main issue for Dr. Broggie is the way to legalize the activity of the university within the jurisdiction of the European Union.

We are using a blockchain to enforce regulatory compliance and provide high degrees of data security, so that regulators have the confidence to provide global teaching activities with accreditation in Europe. So a Woolf student in Madras with a Woolf teacher in New York will earn an EU Woolf degree.

“Airbnb of degree courses” – this is how the developers call their project. The first “class” in Woolf University will start this fall. The cost per class is $400. The total amount is $19200 per year. The University will create its own WOOLF tokens for payment. Coins will be used for development, payment for studies and more.

We would like to remind you that we have recently covered the topic of the European Union being engaged in studying the blockchain technology.

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