OPP OPEN WIFI: A Unique and Innovative Vision on Accessible WiFi All Over the World

opp open wifi project

Nowadays nobody could probably imagine the world without Internet. Most people spend more time surfing through the net, rather than in the reality. However, there is still a long way to go till we have global free WiFi all over the planet, we are still stuck with monthly plans and data limitations. Have you ever encountered a situation when you just put some money on your smartphone account, and in a couple of days you already have to pay again, because your MBs are over? Mobile providers’ speculations are no joke, almost 80% of consumers never use up the whole amount of data that they have, thus, spending a bunch of extra money.

What is OPP OPEN WIFI? What is its mission?

OPP OPEN WIFI is a platform based on the blockchain technology. Its concept is utilizing all the unused data from monthly plans and create an ecosystem where some people can share their “extra” WIFI with others and receive rewards in OPP tokens, whereas other people can get access to free and quick WiFi connection.

How does it work?

  1. You get a special router from OPP OPEN WIFI or download a free mobile app.
  2. You set the amount of data you would like to donate and activate the router/app.
  3. Receive your tokens

Cool features of OPP OPEN WIFI

  • it creates an entire WiFi ecosystem
  • it helps use to make a coin on the data that you never got chance to use while staying on a monthly plan
  • you only need to switch on your router/app for 1 hour a day to get rewards
  • the whole process is very easy and user-friendly
  • the blockchain technology solves the problem of security and transparency
  • the app is absolutely free
  • you can exchange OPP tokens for other digital and fiat currencies

ICO details

The intra-platform currency is called OPP token. It is generated on Ethereum blockchain. The total issue is 4.165 billion pieces, 142 million of which go for the token sale. The price of 1 OPP token is $0.40. The project has a soft cap of $4 million and the hard cap is 10 times bigger – $40 million. The minimum amount of investment is $300. You can purchase OPP tokens for ETH, BTC and fiat currencies. The main stage of the ICO will still run for less than a week, so you can still invest in this awesome and creative project.

More details on the project and how to become an investor can be found on the official website.

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