Opera has Released a Browser for Gamers

Opera has Released a Browser for Gamers

On June 11th, Opera released a browser for gamers called Opera GX. At the moment, a version of the program is developed only for the Windows operating system.

Source: opera.com

Opera GX is a modified version of the standard browser with more customization options. The home page provides a list of games for PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The program has an option to choose games for different platforms, as well as several exclusive features:

  • GX Control is a utility to limit the amount of RAM used (8, 16, 24 and 32 gigabytes) and processor power (25%, 50% or 75%);
  • Twitch video streaming service integration;
  • color schemes, sounds and themes in the style of different computer games.

According to the company’s employees, GX Control allows you to optimize the performance of your computer, however, you can set a limit on the use of RAM and CPU in the OS or with other software.

It should be noted that the current browser version is preliminary. It is likely that in the final assembly of the program there will be other interesting and useful features that will distinguish Opera GX from competitors.

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