Opera Crypto-Blockchain Browser Is To Be Available For IOS

Opera browser is one of the leading browsers in the world providing new technical solutions for every user. The company accumulates innovative knowledge from the tech world and successfully implement them in real life.

Opera Web 3.0 on Android

Opera has recently pleased its users with the ability to use Web 3.0 on Android. It is a decentralized network which allows customers to instantly find any information or get access to everything he/she wants. It also provides a possibility to interact with app on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as manage their digital identity and conduct transaction.

The crypto wallet is built in the browser, making Opera the first browser to unite crypto and blockchain features. The representative of the company said:

“Our hope is that this step will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users’ daily lives.”

Source: TNW

Opera Web 3.0 on IOS

Today, the party comes to another side of the planet – iPhone users. The company officially announced about plans to release browser Web 3.0 on iOS. It means that people who are using iPhone or iPad will be free to use such innovative browser – Open Touch.

The launch time is still unclear, yet, the iPhone users can sign up for testing. The platform also provides a possibility to send Cryptokitties and other ERC-20 tokens. Opera wrote in a press release:

“We are taking this step in response to popular demand from the Ethereum community.”

The video below shows the features and design of Open Touch which was globally recognized. Enjoy the watching and future using!

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