OnePlus TV is Coming in September, but Only in India

OnePlus TV is Coming in September, but Only in India

As it became known, OnePlus TV will be available as early as next month, company founder Pete Lau announced this. Recall that their plans to release a TV in the company were announced in September last year.

It is worth noting that Pete Lau`s post does not reveal any technical details of the new product, such as:

  • Will they be running Android TV or will they prefer another OS?
  • What will be the diagonal of the display?
  • Will Bluetooth SIG technology be available?
  • etc.

The only thing that is now 100% known is that initially the TV will be available in India, and only then this new product will come to other markets.

“We are also working hard to launch OnePlus TV in North America, Europe and China regions as soon as we establish partnerships with most of local and regional content providers,” – he writes.

By some data, it is most likely that the OnePlus TV for India will have a diagonal of 43 inches, while in the USA and China we can expect a flagship 75-inch model.

Although OnePlus has a reputation as a startup  and creating TVs may seem like an ambitious decision, it’s worth remembering that this company is a division of BBK Electronics, which also owns Oppo and Vivo.

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