OneCoin Cryptocurrency: Review, Perspectives, Criticism

OneCoin is one of the new cryptocurrencies that is created with the help of innovative technologies and is characterized as a profitable, safe and easy-to-use digital currency. According to the creators, OneCoin looks more remarkable due to a special technological concept and marketing strategy on the background of recently launched coins. The creators also note that their cryptocurrency has all chances to become one of the most popular on the market.

OneCoin perspectives

The developer company of the above-mentioned digital currency, OneCoin Ltd, is considered one of the fastest growing young companies in the history. The company received this status for creating the most optimal payment system, which allows for instant payments.

Economic giants made a conclusion long ago that the future of the financial sector will depend on cryptocurrency. The first cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, has such global dimensions nowadays, which no one could have thought of 7 years ago. However, expert opinion indicates that Bitcoin will soon have to give up leadership, but,oddly enough not to Ethereum or Ripple, but to cryptocurrencies, which are considered only ascending at the moment.

OneCoin has every chance, because it is created considering the disadvantages of Bitcoin and has a well-planned marketing plan. Analysts of OneCoin Ltd claim that their digital coin will have a higher capitalization than Bitcoin in the summer of 2018. The cost of one coin is currently 20.75 EUR.

The basic concept of OneCoin

Sales of vancoins will be carried out through network marketing. The company says that it uses the sales of training materials as the main business, which will help readers correctly implement trade on exchanges.

The principle of OneCoin

OneCoin should not be compared with traditional cryptocurrencies due to its several advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of OneCoin:

  • anyone can mine OneCoin at the expense of an open algorithmic code;
  • transactions are anonymous;
  • emission is limited, because of this the digital coin is decentralized;
  • it can not be copied.

Disadvantages of OneCoin:

  • OneCoin is not regulated due to which the developers do not give any guarantees regarding the safety of the cryptocurrency wallet;
  • specificity of use causes high volatility;
  • the possibility of regulatory measures by the authorities cannot be excluded;
  • the return of cryptocurrency is impossible in case of losing the password to the electronic cryptocurrency wallet.

Criticism of OneCoin

Cryptocurrency news is of great interest, both among the participants of the cryptocurrency market and those who have not yet become the holder of tokens. Nevertheless, the media do not ignore OneCoin and gladly publish criticism in its direction.

  • According to the well-known electronic edition Сointelegraph, OneCoin is nothing more than a regular financial scam acting according to a “pyramid scheme”. The media carried out an independent investigation which confirmed their guesses, but the information came from parties interested in tarnishing the reputation of OneCoin Ltd.
  • A British newspaper Daily Mirror wrote an article which revealed that the company OneCoin Ltd was a fraud.
  • The Hungarian National Bank and the Bank of Thailand warned the people that OneCoin was a pyramid, which must be quickly eradicated from trade.

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