NVIDIA Recommeds to Restrict Videocards Sales to Miners

The biggest videocard producing company claimed that “gamers are its top priority” and recommended retailers to regulate sales to miners.

Boris Böhles,the spokesman of NVIDIA company, told in interview to ComputerBase:

“Gamers are NVIDIA’s top priority. Our GeForce products are aimed at our target audience. In order to provide gamers with an access to GeForce videocards in the current situation, we recommend our retailer partners to introduce rules that help satisfy the demand”.

Some retailers in Europe has already started following supplier’s recommendations. Online retailer Caseking initiated a restriction which allows buying only two videocards of the same model in an order. In summer 2017 Mindfactory restricted the number to five videocards,later the number was three and since November only two same-model videocards per order are allowed. British Overlockers and Scan strengthened the rules and sell only one videocard per order.  

However Boris Böhles emphasized that NVIDIA recommendations shouldn’t be viewed as restrictions. The rules of sales are retailers’ but not NVIDIA’s prerogative.

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