Nousplatform Is the Most Innovative ICO of 2018

Nousplatform is a platform based on blockchain technology for interaction between investors and decentralized funds. During close round they have raised $550,000. Now preparations for pre-ICO under way and an opportunity to enroll in Whitelist is available. Tokenization of  the assets of companies and funds from the tangible segment of the economy such as manufacturing or real estate available thru Nousplatform. The platform gives this segment the opportunity to access investors who holds crypto assets or cryptocurrency. Those investors in turn will be able to acquire shares of the companies with tokens. The cryptocurrency market sored to the all time high in the year 2017

According to data in one year from January 2017, until January 2018 market capitalization went from around $20 billion to about $800 billion dollars. The overall growth in 12 month was about 4000%.

Who can benefit from Nousplatform?

  • Companies that have not passed an IPO
  • Start-ups
  • Venture capital funds
  • Cryptocurrency investors
  • Charitable funds
  • Family funds
  • Hedge funds

Nousplatform and blockchain

Nousplatform utilize blockchain technology (aka shared ledger technology). Disruption of the marketplace with the application of  this technology will be equal or even more severe than invention and application of the Internet. The essence of the technology is that any information is not centrally stored, it is rather distributed and verified among the multiple devices in the network. There is decentralization distribution and storage of the information. If any of the copies are altered, the system will detect it and transaction can not be verified and therefore can not be completed. Utilizing this technology Nousplatform ensures transparent and trustworthy relationships between fund managers and investors.

Fund opportunities on Nousplatform

We tried to understand the advantages for different type of funds and highlight the main ones.

Open-ended fund

– opportunity to increase the capitalization of the fund

– liquid assets for investor

– acquisition and liquidation of the funds’ shares at any time

Profitability based on the number of transactions

Close-ended fund

– a fixed number of tokens

– distribution of tokens depending on the invested money

– output of the fund’s token to the exchange as an ETF index

– payment of dividends to participants

– the ability to conduct ITO for Nousplatform members

– portfolio diversification

Venture fund 2.0

– fundraising for startups and businesses

– open voting system

– investors decide to participate in a certain start-up

– each participant has its own priority in voting based on the amount of the investment

Charitable fund

– transparency for people who make donations

– monitoring of activities of the charitable fund

– any owner of the tokens can make a donation to any fund

Family fund

– relatives appoint a manager of the family’s money.

– the fund does not have public statistics

– open voting participants to unlock funds

– the fund can consist of one person

– function of the inheritance of tokens

As we see, the founders of Nousplatform created an ecosystem that has no analogies in terms of capabilities and functionality for companies and funds from the real sector of the economy.

What benefits will Nousplatform bring to investors?

At the moment, you can earn cryptocurrency in the following ways:

  1. Mining cryptocurrency
  2. Speculation on the exchange

Nousplatform offers a new way – it’s getting dividends from the fund which is on the platform. Investors can purchase units of the fund only for the intra-platform token – NSU. You can buy a token on the exchange or get it during the ICO.

The platform has a system of funds analytics to help choose a fund to buy a share from. All operations on the platform are carried out using the NSU. An interesting feature of the platform, is that the higher the fund share price is, the more expensive the NSU gets. We can sum up by saying that the platform token is supported by the growth of the capitalization of funds. Perhaps, this aspect makes Nousplatform one of the most innovative ICOs of 2018.

Join Nousplatform at the link:

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