Nigerians Will Be Able to Manage Their Land Using Blockchain

Nigeria announced the creation of a state system for the certification of land cadastre documents on the basis of blockchain. The system is the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) and should become the basis for any transactions with land in the country.

The system was introduced by the Secretary of the Government Joe Mucheru who stated that the SSOT will let anyone wishing witness a deal on buying / selling land absolutely transparently and with minimal risks. Due to the distributed registry, the transaction is recorded by all institutions of the blockchain and becomes impossible to falsify.

During the presentation of a group of 11 employees specializing in distributed accounting books and artificial intelligence, Mucheru said:

“At the moment, there are people who come up with fake title deeds and all manner of things. We need to create a single source of truth, which we are already working on as Government. If you say this is your piece of land, we should be able to say whether that is you or not”.

He said that the function of the database will be simplified by digitizing all documents on ownership. SSOT will cover the verification of ownership of any document, including birth certificate, driver’s license and marriage certificate.

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