New Rules for Visa Applications in the USA: The Regulator will Check Your Social Networks

The US State Department has updated the visa application form. The new statement includes the requirement to provide the names of users of social networks, phone numbers, email addresses, the status of international travel and deportation for the last 5 years. It is reported by the BBC

It is expected that the new rules, first proposed in 2018, will affect about 15 million people, including those who apply for immigration to the United States, as well as those who intend to study there, do business, work, or simply visit the country. New rules will bypass only applicants for diplomatic and official visas.

Previously, this information was requested only from suspicious persons. About 65,000 applicants annually fall into this category.

Candidates, of course, can say that they do not have accounts on social networks. However, the department warned that lying could have serious migration consequences for the applicants.

Companies that help students with admission to American colleges and universities advise their clients to avoid publishing on their social networks such sensitive terms as “give birth in the US”, “weapon”, “green card”, “immigrants”, “real estate in the USA”.

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