NASA Restores Apollo 11 Mission Control Center

This year, July 20, marks exactly 50 years since the historic event, which was of great importance for all mankind – the landing of the NASA astronauts on the Moon. On this anniversary, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration decided to re-open the original Apollo mission control center at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.


NASA employees took this task very seriously, it should be noted that it was a colossal work that included years of research of archival materials and photographs, as well as 7 months of the restoration work. Practically everything that was used in restoring the mission control center, was original. This applies not only to large items such as computer consoles and terminals, but also smaller details: clothes, ashtrays, pens, carpet, etc. Everything was installed where it was during the legendary mission 50 years ago.

This is a true restored miracle of modern human history, and it will soon be available to tourists. Most likely, it will be quite a popular showplace.

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