Nasa Reports Drying Up Atmosphere Over Amazonia

Climatologists sound the alarm – the tropics of South America are threatened with extinction. Scientists connect this with the fact that the climate has become drier, less rainfall than normal, and the average annual air temperature is getting higher in recent decades. In their opinion, such conditions are unacceptable for the existence of equatorial and tropical forests.

The information received from the Nasa climate satellites confirms the fears of scientists – the lower layers of the atmosphere has less and less moisture necessary for the life of the tropics.

Forests of South America occupy a large area of 5.5 million square km and emit 6% oxygen for the Earth, the press service of the Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory informs. 10% of the biomass of the entire planet and carbon is also found in these forests.

Scientists from different industries – oceanologists, biologists, climatologists agree – if the situation does not change and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere do not decrease, humanity will be on the verge of “inhuman suffering” and this will happen already in this century.

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