NASA Invested $330 Million in Blockchain Service

National aeronautics and space agency (NASA) provided developers with $330 million grant for creating a blockchain service that makes space computations.

The service is supposed to compute satellite trajectory which will make it possible to avoid clashes with space garbage, ETHNews reports.

This grant was alloted to the experts from the University of Ackron (USA) who are going to build their own data-center that is partially based on the blockchain of Ethereum cryptocurrency. Besides, the system they suggest will be based upon AI schemes and deep learning and fuzzy logic methods.

According to the team’s leader, assistant professor Jeanne Way, they plan to create a technology that will help satellites avoid dangers which can appear on their trajectory and automate some tasks.

Today satellites connect to the Earth using wireless communication but as they move away from the planet the process of  information delivering lasts longer than it is necessary.

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