NASA and Uber Test Flying Taxi Control System

The experts at NASA’s Ames Research Center announced the start of a partnership with Uber, the main goal is to test the passenger air transport monitoring system. The purpose of the program is the organization of air transportation using air taxi in urban areas.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) monitoring system will control flying vehicles in various locations. According to the developers, it will allow small aircraft to avoid problems during flight and a collision. During the tests carried by Uber and NASA, the specialists of both companies plan to find out what information is needed to create a new infrastructure.

It is not only about passenger flying vehicles, but also about drones of delivery services. At the moment, they don`t plan to take the real air transport into the air – during preliminary testing, the NASA and Uber computer systems will be combined to simulate various flight scenarios at low altitudes. The aerospace agency is going to attract other partners in the field of air transportation to work together in the coming months.


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