My Big Coin Founders Earned $6 Million from Nonexisting Coin

Commodity futures trading commision (CFTC) initiated a claim against My Big Coin creators due to cryptocurrency fraud that caused $ 6 000 000 losses for the investors.

According to the claim, Randall Crater and Mark Gillespei are charged with fraud and  misappropriation of assets gained from the virtual currency My Big Coin (MBC).

CFTC spokesmen noted that defendants launched a website about nonexisting cryptocurrency. The site was filled with a lot of false statements.

“In reality, as alleged, the supposed trading results were illusory, and any payouts to customers were derived from funds fraudulently obtained from other customers in the manner of a Ponzi scheme,” – the CFTC write-up summarizes.

This is not the first statement about SCAM that CFTC makes. Previously the company has already instituted claims against two other companies charging them with creation of cryptocurrency-bound fraudulent investment schemes.


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