Moscow Exchange Might Be One of the First Financial Establishments in Russia to Enable ICOs

russia cryptocurrency

The representatives of the Moscow Exchange told Reuters that they are currently developing a special framework which will allow the projects and businesses in Russia to conduct ICOs of their own. The project is now undergoing the final improvements and will supposedly launch later this year.

We are now developing projects, creating the basic infrastructure to help the companies to hold an ICO, to display tokens, to have these tokens described – which is now missing at all those platforms that offer this kind of services,” – said MOEX’s CEO, Alexander Afanasyev.

Afanasyev claimed that the exchange will not conduct ICO itself, however, the infrastructure developed by them will come in handy for hundred of companies. The exchange will also provide information about different ICOs, tokens and regulations regarding token sales.

Right now, the marketing specialists of the Moscow Exchange are analyzing the situation and coming up with a list of potential projects to cooperate with and also to place them for investors to have a look at.

We would like to remind you that the President of Russia has recently stated that the country will approach the sphere of digital coins with caution, and a thorough research will be conducted before any major decision regarding this issue is made.

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