SCAM-startup Miroskii Pretended that the Actor Ryan Gosling Was Their Designer

The project Miroskii which attracted a little less than a million dollars during their ICO is now in the public eye, unfortunately for very doubtful circumstances, The Next Web reports.

A Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling was spotted on the site of Miroskii as a graphic designer named Kevin Belanger. As it later became known, only all the represented participants are fictitious, and the posted photos belong to random people.

Looking at Miroskii, you can catch yourself thinking that the creators intentionally left some hints, so that attentive people do not fall for their trick. The creators left a very obvious hint for those investors who had few fake photos and names of the development team — it was the absence of the published White Paper.

“Miroskii Coin is developed and brought to business by the experts from China, Hongkong, Singapore and Japan to ease the crypto revolution in financial products,” the company’s marketing promises. “It is developed under its own highly secure encrypted decentralized blockchain technology. Miroskii Coin is tested and accepted by most giants of this industry, which have already started using MRC (Miroskii Coin) in a closed B2B sector. Due to great demand, we were asked to start the first round of ICO, intended for institutional companies”.

Initially a good idea, which was supposed to allow its users to receive loans in cryptocurrency and become a good substitute for banking systems in general, simply disappeared having collected about a million dollars.

The project registered accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which a total of 7 people signed up for. Profiles of social networks listed on the site have been removed.

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