Mike Novogratz Believes Bitcoin Won’t Change The World, Yet Web 3.0 Will

During the summit of ConsenSys Ethereal, Michael Novogratz, an investor and CEO of Galaxy Digital, made a statement that Bitcoin would not be able to change the world, as it is just a store of value.

He stated that Bitcoin was the first to enter the crypto space and placed himself as a store of value. Now the coin is something like an ordinary piece of gold, it has its value, pretty big one, yet it cannot revolutionize the digital system. Mike Novogratz thinks that Bitcoin has a value of a social construct and that is all.

The thing that will definitely change the world is Web 3.0, “a decentralized platform to process information”, according to the investor’s words. Web 3.0 protocols will be able to separate data storage and retrieval from information processing. Novogratz also added that blockchains like Ethereum would have a big impact on the digital world.

Don’t forget to read the prediction of the Bitcoin price made by Mike Novogratz below.

Mike Novogratz Is Convinced That Bitcoin Will Be $20,000 By 2021

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