Mercedes Will Encourage Drivers with Cryptocurrency for Eco-Driving

The company Daimler, which produces Mercedes cars, presented its new project to the general public at the latest Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. Daimler intends to create its own version of cryptocurrency, which will be used mainly as a reward for drivers who follow the rules of environmental traffic.

The project is at the testing stage at the moment. The cryptocurrency was called MobiCOIN, and the pilot launch began in February and will last three months, according to the preliminary information.

The first participants of the project were 500 drivers, who were tasked with adhering to the rules of environmental driving. The system reads such parameters of the car as smooth braking and acceleration, and then evaluates the driver. The higher the evaluation gets, the better the score is and, accordingly, the more coins are given as a reward.

Those who hoped to monitor their progress online, and adjust their driving style if necessary will have to forget about this idea, because the developers immediately announced that the data on the result of driving will be available only after the car stops completely.

A smartphone with a special application installed on it is used as a driving analyzer and a cryptocurrency wallet. The owner will be able to purchase various services and products for the received tokens using the application. At the moment it is already known that it will be possible to buy tickets for various social events for MobiCOIN, for example, DTM Races, the finale of MercedesCup, or the Berlin Fashion Week.  

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