McDonald’s will Serve Their Guests with Artificial Intelligence

The world’s largest fast-food chain McDonald’s has concluded one of the largest contracts in its history, and the most expensive in the last 20 years. According to Bloomberg, the company acquired a startup that develops artificial intelligence systems – Dynamic Yield Ltd for $300 million.

With the help of Dynamic Yield Ltd, McDonald’s plans to increase the level of personalization of dishes offered. AI will analyze a huge amount of data and offer the best options to visitors. For example, coffee will be offered on the screens in a chain of restaurants more often in the cold season, and ice cream – in the heat.  Also, meals will be offered based on regional characteristics, time of day, as well as many other factors.

Representatives of the company believe that the introduction of innovative technologies in their business will increase sales. After the completion of this deal, McDonald’s shares showed an increase of 1.7% and reached the highest level in the last 2 months. That is, it can be stated that the market approves such an innovation.

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