McAfee’s Body Double Was Poisoned, John Blames The US Government

The war between John McAfee and the US government has lasted for quite a long period of time. However, this time it is getting a bit real. The McAfee’s body double was poisoned the night before Blockchain Cruise which was 11 days ago. Crypto enthusiast is 100% sure that the American government is to blame.

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John McAfee Warns The U.S. Government To Leave Him Alone Otherwise He Would Reveal The Conspiracy Pyramid In It

The body double whose name is Jay Pizzle (@JayPizzle88) has stayed unconscious for more than 10 days after he was poisoned by serious drugs. After he had woken up, he recorded a video about his body state.

Later John McAfee tweeted Jay Pizzle’s memories before getting poisoned. The post says that the evening before the event Pizzle was to fly to Barcelona to deliver the Keynote speech as McAfee’s body double. However, he did not manage.

John McAfee is sure that it was the CIA who had tried to poison him. According to his words, the agency tries to silence him. That is why he once again asked America to wake up and vote for a new president.

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McAfee Is Calling Everyone To Go And Vote For The New President Because Americans DO Have Electoral Power


  1. I am the one that forced him out of the Bahama’s…now he is trying to out all the people he has bribed. The US government will be perfectly happy watching him rot in a Cuban jail.

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