A Writer and YouTube-Blogger Matthew Lescot Calls Cryptocurrency Trickery

Matthew Lesko is a US writer, author of books on how to get “free money” from the US government, who made a name for himself in the 1990s, claims in an interview with CNET that cryptocurrencies are fraud and bitcoins are deceptive.

Lesko is the owner of his own site, he has a channel on YouTube with various podcasts dedicated to the topic of receiving federal grants from the US government. He says that “many people are interested” in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general. So Lesko recommends such people to “stay away” from the world of cryptocurrencies, if they “have no money to lose.”

Matthew Lesko considers cryptocurrency to be a hoax because in his opinion it is not backed up and regulated, unlike the US dollar. He believes that:

“If there’s no regulation, you get screwed”.

Back in 2004 the New York Division of Consumer Protection criticized Lesko’s advertising companies for the fact that many of the readers did not receive the promised “free money.” According to Lesko himself, the current PR-campaigns conducted to promote this or that project in the field of cryptocurrency are implementing exactly the same “exaggeration” that the writer used in his commercials of the book “Free money to change your life”.

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