Marlin Protocol Got $3 Million To Solve Blockchain Bandwidth Problems

Marlin Protocol Got $3 Million To Solve Blockchain Bandwidth Problems

The new startup Marlin Protocol received funding from Binance Labs, Arrington XRP, Electric Capital, NGC and other major investors in the amount of $3 million. The main goal of the project is to increase the bandwidth of blockchain technology. As it`s known, one of the main problems of blockchain technology is its low speed of work, this is a serious obstacle that prevents its wide distribution.

Marlin Protocol activities are aimed at increasing speed in different blockchains by creating the so-called “bandwidth-sharing marketplace”. The company believes that a significant improvement in bandwidth in the blockchain can be achieved by introducing many new network members, called “relayers”.

“Marlin is a leader in a new class of infrastructure startups in crypto that are blockchain-agnostic and will dramatically increase network performance,” – Arrington XRP Capital partner Michael Arrington told CoinDesk. – “We are happy to support them.”

At the moment, the Marlin Protocol claims that they have co-operated with a number of different projects in order to launch their services in private test networks. Key partners of the startup are WandX, Murmur, Blockcloud, Matic, and Holochain. The company plans to launch a public test network Marlin in the near future.

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