MacBook Pro Almost Burned Down its Owner’s House

American DJ White Panda posted a video on Twitter, where he filmed his MacBook Pro smoking wildly.

On Reddit, the White Panda stated that the laptop was turned on. Immediately after the MacBook began to smoke, he set it aside. After that, he heard the clap and the device caught fire. White Panda managed to take the laptop outside before the flames engulfed his house. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Immediately after the incident, the owner of the unfortunate laptop took the device to a service center. The manufacturer of the MacBook Pro line, Apple company, said that it would take up to five days for specialists to diagnose the device, but at the moment there has been no information.

And this is not surprising. According to a comment from a user who previously worked for Apple, the investigation of such situations usually takes much longer.

“They will take pictures (after it spends time in the safe), and will be investigated. Because they have the device, they will most likely send it directly to California for disassembly. I’ve had cases where this has happened. It takes time,” wrote Ewalk.

In any case, the user will get a new laptop from Apple, but the information that was stored on it can’t be returned. On this occasion, in the Reddit, the discussion about a laptop that caught fire smoothly turned into a discussion of ways to store personal data.

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