Local Governments will Soon be Able to Use Facebook to Send Alerts

Local Governments will Soon be Able to Use Facebook to Send Alerts

Facebook has long positioned itself as a place where communities can share information during a crisis. The other day, company representatives said that they would soon begin to provide local authorities and first aid agencies with the ability to send alerts to their communities during emergencies. Facebook already offers tools like security verification, which lets you tell others that you are safe during an emergency, and community help that offers help during disasters.

When a government-run Facebook page marks the message as a local alert, Facebook says it will “greatly amplify” the publication of this page among subscribers in their news feeds, and will also notify them. Facebook reports that now groups matching the above criteria can apply to access local alerts for their pages.

The advantage of this feature is the fact that as a rule Facebook does not turn off during emergencies, but there have already been noticeable failures in the social network in March, April, July, and August of this year. If Facebook wants to position itself as a means of communication that users can rely on during emergencies, the company’s specialists need to make more efforts to solve these problems.

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