Lego Works Closely with NASA for Creating Space Toys

Lego Works Closely with NASA for Creating Space Toys

Back in 1978 the company Lego released its first toys on a space theme. Note that this happened 9 years after the legendary Apollo 11 mission and the landing of astronauts on the moon. Since then, the company constantly produces kits with spacecraft, astronauts and lunar bases, including fairly detailed kits that are based on real NASA equipment.

Simon Kent, a Lego designer, said that his colleagues and he regularly visit NASA to compare their toys with real spacecraft, all-terrain vehicles and space stations.

“Across the company, space is such a big theme, that we can tap into it in many different ways, whether its a plaything like Lego City, or a display model that goes into the fine details of the spacecraft’s design”.

He noted that over the past 40 years, Lego specialists have deeply studied space in order to create realistic products. And they are going to continue working in this direction further.

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