Electricity Producer Kumamoto Energy Is Using Solar Energy for Mining

The Japanese manufacturer and supplier of electricity, Kumamoto Energy, has started generating renewable energy, which is used for mining. The company works in close cooperation with Take Energy Corporation Co Ltd, which is the largest corporation that manages solar power plants in the prefecture.

The branch of Kumamoto Energy, OZ Mining, uses electricity to deploy mining farms.

OZ Mining buys electricity from Kumamoto Energy at a price of ¥10-19 on a regular basis, depending on the terms of the contract, the time and year, etc. Then it establishes mining farms in places where energy is available and customer needs are met.

At present, there are a lot of people who criticize the production of cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, because mining consumes a lot of electricity and is growing exponentially at the same time. Skeptics believe that, as a result, the cost of energy for the production of cryptocurrencies will be a large part of the total energy consumption of the planet. Even now, more electricity is spent on mining than on some countries.

Luckily, such companies as Kumamoto Energy appear, proving that a bunch of digital assets with renewable energy sources will help the world to restore the balance of nature and bring it closer to an ecological future.

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