Kodak Introduced Blockchain-Based Document Management Platform

Kodak Introduced Blockchain-Based Document Management Platform

A well-known manufacturer of photographic materials, Kodak, presented the latest development of the company – a document management system based on blockchain technology. The announcement was made at the Kodak Innovation Conference 2019, which was held on June 5 in New York.

The offer, called the KODAK Document Management Platform, was launched by Kodak Services for Business. Target audience is governments and enterprises. According to the company, this document management system will simplify the processing of confidential data. The use of blockchain technology will provide the necessary level of security and efficiency.

Kodak representatives also claim that the developed system will help organizations significantly reduce costs due to high performance and a significant reduction in information loss.

In addition to the KODAK document management platform, the company also launched the KODAK Scan Cloud, a specially designed solution that allows the user to process data regardless of the location.

It should be noted that Kodak has a special interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in general. Previously, the company wanted to launch ICO KodakCoin, a cryptocurrency project focused on managing copyright for online content. However, the launch of this ambitious project had to be postponed to assess the status of potential investors.

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