Kitten successfully cloned in China

Kitten successfully cloned in China

July 21, 2019, 66 days after the cloned embryo was transferred to a surrogate mother, a kitten named Garlic was born. This shorthair kitten became the first pet in China to be successfully cloned by Sinogene Biotechnology, which only recently launched such a service.

Lai Liangxue, the chief researcher at Sinogene Biotechnology Company, said that Garlic and the “original cat” look identical, but their characters and temperaments are different. However, the company is considering using artificial intelligence to preserve memories and character traits in cloned animals.

Lai also noted that the life expectancy of a cloned cat is no different from other animals of its kind.

The Sinogene Biotechnology Company is also considering cloning endangered species of animals. But, according to Lai, this requires interspecific cloning, but unfortunately, no one has managed to do such an experiment.

Note that several people have already booked the cloning service in the event of the death of their pets, it will cost about 35 thousand US dollars.

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