Is the Indian Government Covering Up a Huge Scam?

india scam

According to some representatives of Indian Congress, a few members of the state party in office (Bharatiya Janata Party) were engaged in illegal operations with digital currencies which resulted in the loss of 50 billion Indian rupees (more than 750 million US dollars).

Bitcoin is officially banned in India. The opinion of the regulators regarding it is quite negative, mainly due to events similar to this one. Thus, the process of mining and any other operations with this coin are considered a crime.

The Congress representative Shaktisinh Gohil stated that the government was hiding a complicated fraud scheme and requested for this case to be heard in court. His thoughts were:

A new mega bitcoin scam has been unraveled in Gujarat. The finger of suspicion of this massive scam of illegal cryptocurrency directly points to several top Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and a mastermind — an absconding BJP leader and former MLA Nalin Kotadiya.”

Gohil is sure that it is enough to arrest one party member in order to uncover all details of this scam as well as reveal all other politicians involved in illegal activities

The representatives of BJP, in their turn, deny all accusations calling them “laughable”. The ruling party is certain that the whole scandal was organized by the Congress on purpose to undermine people’s trust in their party.

Nobody has been arrested so far, and there is no informantion whether the law enforcement agencies have started any investigations of the case.

We would like to remind you that the another big scam involving the “national” cryptocurrency was detected in Turkey.

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