Is Renting of Coins a Solution for Mass Adoption of Blockchain?

Is Renting of Coins a Solution for Mass Adoption of Blockchain?

At the moment we are at the turn of the decades, and mankind has already identified technologies to focus on in the 20s of the XXI century:

  • artificial Intelligence;
  • robotization;
  • blockchain

Perhaps everyone has heard these terms, and if it is all more or less clear with the first two points, then, unfortunately, nowadays quite a few people understand what a blockchain is and how it works. Due to the MetaHash project, each person has the opportunity to participate in a consensus algorithm without investment, and even get rewarded for it.

How Does It Work?

The MetaGather program offers free rental of 1000 MetaHashCoins to each new user after registering at the official page. It is important to understand that these coins are blocked for sale or transfer to other users, they can only be used for forging (the process similar to mining Bitcoin). With these coins, the user can receive up to 40% reward for possession. But if you have a desire to integrate into the work of the system deeply, you can count on greater profit.

Details About MetaHash

Well, MetaHash is a blockchain of a new generation, its operability is supported by a unique infrastructure based on the PoS protocol. This feature allows the MetaHash network to scale well, up to 50,000 transactions per second. TraceChain is the core of the MetaHash protocol, which complements the MetaApps ecosystem and the MetaGate application catalog.

It is worth remarking that the MetaHash network is growing steadily, at the moment there are 200 servers established by community, more than 20 thousand active users, and the average daily volume of operations reaches 300 thousand MHC.

Referral System

There is a two-level referral system in MetaHash, here’s a vivid example of its work:

  1. Frank invited Sam;
  2. Sam invited Monika;
  3. Monika shares a post on Facebook;
  4. Monika Wallet wins 77k MHC;
  5. Frank gets 7.7K;
  6. Sam gets 7.7K;
  7. Monika gets 15.4K.


The new project MetaHash allows everyone to join the new and promising technology – blockchain, even without their own investments. Users will receive rewards for registration and participation in the system, which will be directly proportional to the effort and integration density in the system.


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